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    The new case studies highlight the elements of careers content that can provide a significant improvement in widening careers awareness of young people to the possibilities of STEM subjects and careers. Through creative approaches and with informed content, teachers, enrichment providers and external partners can play a key part in raising STEM careers engagement and awareness. Careers awareness does not happen without specific and informed interventions – STEM careers awareness will not be achieved incidentally. The disconnection between STEM subjects and young people considering their career options remains an obstacle on a number of levels - young people need the interest, they need to feel capable and have an identity that aligns with STEM - and many young people need help to achieve all three. The project has created a wide range of resources that can be drawn on to grow STEM careers awareness and interest in schools. Always more than resources, the positive outcomes of the project have been built on principles that we believe should be followed by all who take the work forward.

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