What's the Next Best Thing in Ed Tech?

Version 6

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    Intel Education's Paige Johnson is participating in an interactive discussion with the ISTE Board to hear what ISTE members predict will be the next big idea in education technology and where they think ISTE should focus their efforts in the near future.

    Let's have our own discussion! Where do you think the ed tech community should focus its efforts in the future? What issues and technologies will enter the field in the next 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? How can ed tech educators be prepared to face these new ideas and issues?



    To complete this mission and earn 50 points, you must have already completed the Roll Call mission, and then complete the following:

    1. Post a comment sharing something that you think could be the next big "idea" or technology in ed tech and why.
    2. Share this post using the "Share" feature in the upper right with someone in the community and encourage them to participate by sharing their own comment.


    This is the third mission needed in order to earn the ISTE 2015 badge. Once you have completed this mission, you can move on to the final mission in the series here.


    **Keep in mind that comments will be monitored to ensure they are aligned with the intent and spirit of the mission. Any responses that look like they are intended to "game" the system and stack up points will be deleted and any associated points and/or badges will be removed from the earner.