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    Topic  : Amphibians

    Lesson : Frogs

    Lesson Unit: Life Cycle of Frogs  

    Lesson Objectives

    1. 1.    To Learn about the various stages in the life cycle of the frog- eggs, tadpole, froglet, adult
    2. 2.    To identify the characteristics of the stages in the life cycle of the frog
    3. 3.    Know  and appreciate the importance of habitat of frogs


    Digital Tool Ideas:

    Step 1 :Students will play an animation of the life cycle of a frog to  for objective 1&2 


    Step 2 : Group Activity .students to  carry out an online research on frogs :

        Group 1.From the egg to the  tadpole( use PowerPoint max 3pages) :http://www.tooter4kids.com/Frogs/life_cycle_of_frogs.htm

    Group members

    Hudson Mwirigi  mwirigih@yahoo.com

    James Kamira kamirajimmy@yahoo.com

        Group 2. from the tadpole to Adult frog (use PowerPoint max 3 pages): http://www.kiddyhouse.com/Themes/frogs/lifecycle.html

    Group members

    Daniel Muthee muthee.daniel@ku.ac.ke

    Dan Otedo dotedo@live.com


    Step 3: The habitat of frogs.( FROGLAND) Whole class activity . http://allaboutfrogs.org/info/tadpoles/index.html


    Guiding questions .

    1. Why is it important to preserve the habitat of frogs?
    2. How would you raise frogs ?
    3. Give 5 jokes 2 proverbs and 1 song  associated with frogs


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    Collaborative Tool: Microsoft one note Shared document /Google  drive /skydrive

    • Research - online
    • Creativity – writing a  song on frogs with jokes and proverb