Active Learning Spaces Mission

Version 5


    Active Learning Spaces Mission

    (This Mission will be open until Sept. 30, 2015)




    View the Recorded Webinar for Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success


    Continue or join the conversation beyond the webinar. Participate in the Active Learning Space Mission (200 points). See directions below. You do not have to attend the live webinar.

    1. Share the recorded webinar with a friend. Go to the webinar event page where you will find the recorded webinar. Find the Share icon in the top right-hand corner of the left-hand navigation. You may need to select the down arrow to see "Share". Add a friend's name and personalize the message so he/she knows that you are sharing the recording (not the live event). Of course, view the webinar too.
    2. Read the overview of the Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success. The overview is attached and at Get Active.
    3. Participate in the discussion (which is similar to a "Your Turn" from the book):
      1. Based on your understanding of active learning spaces, think about your dream school space (could be a classroom or another area of the school).
      2. Consider how your space may better suit the learners. Will you have different kinds of spaces for individual, small group, whole class, for example?
      3. Use an online tool, an app, or a pencil and paper to sketch your dream space.
        2. Google Drawing
      4. Upload your sketch in a reply to this post.
      5. Explain your sketch and include a comment about a challenge you're concerned about in rethinking your classroom or school.
    4. Reply to a post in this discussion with a suggestion of how to address the challenge.