Quiz Results: Which Fictional Teacher Are You?

Version 15



    We were surprised to find out that so many of you are Edna
    Krabappel from the Simpsons!
    Mr Feeny was the second most

    common result. We're happy to see our readers care so much

    about their students! Missed the quiz? Take it now.

    What fictional teacher do you find inspiring and why?
    Let us know in the comments below.

    Quiz results:


    Edna Krabappel

    You have seen all the tricks students throw at you. You've got a thick skin that can reach the most difficult of
    students and deep down, you want all of them to succeed.



    Mr Feeny

    Your students will come to you for advice long after they have left your classroom. You are known for your
    wisdom and deep concern for the well-being of your students.



    Ms Frizzle

    Every day is an adventure for your students, whether inside or outside the classroom. You are creative, zany,
    inventive, and full of surprises.



    Jessica Day

    Being in education is still new and exciting! You're spark is still burning strong, and so is your passion for
    making a difference and shaping the lives of each and every student.



    Professor Snape

    School is a place for learning, and it's up to you to lay down the law and order in the classroom. Though
    you're strict and authoritative, your kids will thank you later in life.



    Ferris Bueller's Econ Teacher

    Let's face it, you've been at this for a while, and the spark of enthusiasm may be fading. But that doesn't
    bother you since you can teach this stuff with your eyes closed.



    Dewey Finn

    You're the cool teacher who's less worried about following curriculum and more interested in wild and
    unconventional ways to teach.