Intel® Teach Program

Version 5


    “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

    ― John Dewey

    Transforming education to meet the needs of today’s learners requires ongoing support for teachers as they implement new teaching practices. Studies show that the quality of a teacher is the single largest influence on student achievement, and that the success of any educational change depends on a teacher’s effectiveness in redesigning curricula, instruction, and assessments. The Intel® Teach Program has been designed with these principles in mind.

    Delivered through unparalleled public-private partnerships with government ministries and teacher education institutions worldwide, Intel Teach is the largest program of its kind.

    The Intel Teach Program includes two courses:


    Intel® Teach Essentials Course

    Intel® Teach Thinking with Technology Course

    The goal of the Intel Teach Essentials Course is to help classroom teachers develop student-centered learning through technology integration and project-based approaches. The training consists of 32 hours of hands-on instruction delivered via eight curricular modules.

    The themes of the Intel Teach Essentials Course include:

    • Using technology effectively in the classroom to promote 21st century skills
    • Identifying ways students and teachers can use technology to enhance learning through research, communication, collaboration, and productivity strategies and tools
    • Providing hands-on learning and the creation of curricular units and assessments, which address state and national academic and technology standards
    • Facilitating student-centered classrooms that encourage student self-direction and higher-order thinking
    • Collaborating with colleagues to improve instruction by problem solving and participating in peer reviews of units

    Learn more on the Intel Teach Essentials Engage group.

    The Thinking with Technology Course looks at how we can use the Internet in new and constructive ways with our students. The course helps teachers learn how to integrate into their curriculum unique online thinking tools designed for students to visually represent their understanding of complex and interconnected issues.

    In this course, participants will:

    • Learn instructional strategies for addressing and assessing thinking skills using technology to increase opportunities for effective student collaboration, student-teacher interactions, and the inquiry process
    • Create an instructional plan, sample projects, and assessment(s) that integrate the use of online thinking tools, align to standards, and support a project approach to learning and authentic inquiry
    • Understand the online teaching tools and their workspaces and how to manage a classroom project using an online environment
    • Leave prepared to effectively implement a ready-to-use project using the Visual Ranking, Seeing Reason, and/or Showing Evidence tools, which will help your students manage, explore, and communicate their understanding of complex and interconnected issues

    Learn more on the Intel Teach Thinking with Technology Engage group.


    Download the course syllabus


    Download the course syllabus