Teachers of the Year Speak Out

Version 1

    Project-Based learning can be invigorating, while at the same time, challenging for teachers. In this series of short videos, you’ll hear from experienced educators on the benefits, challenges, and successes of project-based learning for teachers and students.

    Segment Name: Benefits of Projects For Students (3:15)

    Understand how project-based learning benefits students


    Segment Name: Benefits of Projects for Teachers (1:13)

    Learn about the benefits of project-based learning


    Segment Name: The Challenges of PBL (2:27)

    Listen to teachers share some challenges and suggestions for overcoming challenges


    Segment Name: Project Design (3:22)

    Get ideas for designing a successful project

    Segment Name: The Impacts of Projects (3:46)

    Become inspired by success stories of project-based learning