3 Quick Tech Activities for your Classroom

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    Send your students on a hunt for lost angles, or on a journey to exotic locales with these three classroom activities. Each seamlessly incorporates technology into the learning. Use them as written, or customize them to your lesson plans — we know you and your students will love them.

    Activity 1: The Hunt for the Lost Angles

    Teach kids about angles by sending them on a scavenger hunt for naturally occurring angles in the classroom. Send teams armed with a smartphone, tablet, or other camera to take pictures of the objects exhibiting those angles, then add the photos to a Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation.


        • Assign each team a type of angle to find. Acute, Right Obtuse, Straight, Reflex, Full. They have 10 minutes.
        • The teams report back, then add their photos to a PPT presentation. One slide per type of angle, a description of how/where they found the examples, and a selfie of the team.
        • The presentation can be printed, or emailed home as a fun memory of the angles in their classroom.


    Activity 2: The Mystery of the Shrinking Continents

    Use a class poll to reveal that our perception of the world’s geography, even through maps, isn’t always as it seems. Great zinger for when students learn geography.


        • Show students a flat map of the world.
        • Create a Poll (Google Docs, or just by raising hands) that asks students to name the smallest continents to the largest.
        • Explain to students that when we try to make a round thing flat, it stretches. You could peel a navel orange for an example. (If you can get it off in one piece!) While it perfectly fits the round orange, there are gaps if you try to lay it flat on the desk. When we make a flat map of the round world, we have to stretch it to fill in those gaps.
        • Use “thetruesize.com” to show how flat maps stretches the size of countries.
        • Ask students to take the poll again using thetruesize.com as a reference.


    Activity 3: Virtual Field Trip

    Wtudents use Google Maps to take a virtual field trip to a far off land (or a region you're studying in class) and then write mini reports on the places they find.


        • Have students open Google Maps, click and drag the little street view stick figure while closing their eyes, and drop it somewhere on the map.
        • Ask them to explore around the area, then do 10 minutes of internet research on that place.
        • Students can present their report the class or compile reports into Google Docs.