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    About Engage

    Intel Engage is a global community open to all educators dedicated to transforming the K-12 classroom through effective technology integration.

    In this section you will find tips on getting started if you are new to Engage, a blog on the latest community updates and our help desk station for questions about our community and our Intel Education programs.

    FAQ'sTo find answers to your questions about Intel courses and online tools and resources. Questions are group by topic.

    Give Feedback

    Give Us Your Feedback. In this area we welcome and encorage you to share your ideas to help us improve and keep our courses and online tools and resources accurate and current.

    Teachers Engage

    The Teachers Engage section is the main hub for all communities where you will find discussions and resources focusing on effective uses of technology to transform K-12 classrooms.

    Webinars and Events

    Find registration information for upcoming Webinars and recordings of past webinars and activities associated with each webinar. A calendar includes all global webinar offerings, conferences and events that support educational technology. Best of all, Intel Sponsored Webinars are FREE.

    Intel Teach Professional Development

    The Intel® Teach Program improves teacher effectiveness through professional development, helping teachers integrate technology into their lessons and promoting students' problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills.

    Inspiring Educators

    Read Winning Stories from educators in the U.S. who are transforming 21st century teaching and learning.

    Showcase Unit Plans

    A place to share and showcase unit plans that effectively integrate technology


    A private community devoted to the Intel Teach Affiliates who manage the Intel   Teach Program in their state.

    Facilitate One-to-One

    A private community for facilitators of Transforming  Learning with One to One training has been specifically designed for teachers  who are about to implement teaching and learning in a one to one eLearning  classroom.

    Educator Academy

    The Intel   Educator Academy brings together select government officials and educators from around the world to improve science education and the quality of science fair projects. Only attendees of an Educator Academy may   participate in this community but the content is viewable by all.

    EvaluateA private community for external evaluators of the Intel Teach Program.