Intel® Teach Program: Essentials Course

Version 20
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    About the Essentials Course

    This face-to-face course helps classroom teachers develop student-centered learning through technology integration and project-based approaches. The training consists of 32 hours of hands-on instruction delivered via eight curricular modules.


    About the Course Materials

    • Course Manual. The digital manual comes in PDF and EPUB format. The EPUB format can be opened in any eReader app or web based reader. eReaders typically have a variety of tools that permit customizing the manual by participants with features such as highlighting, commenting, bookmarking, etc. Participants keep the digital manual open throughout the course.
    • Resources.The course manual refers to supporting resources that provide additional background reading, examples, rubrics, checklists, practical guidelines, etc. Participants keep the Resources open throughout the course.
    • Additional Resources.Additional resources, both referenced and independent of the course, may be optionally used to support course learning.
    • Syllabus.The syllabus is helpful for recruiting and informing participants interested in the course.


    Localization Process

    Last modified: September 2015

    As of September, 2015, the course is deployed as a stand-alone EPUB ebook file for users to download and read from their own ebook reader (such as Intel Education Study Please review the eBook (ePub) Process to understand how to develop this course.

    1. Download the source files (InDesign, ePub, Resources, etc.) using the following individual links (or download them all as one zip):

    InDesign Files*

    ePub Files


    2. Please review the eBook (ePub) Process to understand how to develop this course.

    3. Publish EPUB file (or post to Engage group) for participants to access.* Note: As for Q3 2014, we are no longer providing Microsoft Word versions for translation. If you need to have a text version to translate that is not in InDesign, follow these steps:

    1. Open InDesign
    2. Go to File > Open and open the InDesign file you've downloaded
    3. Go to File > Export
    4. Choose format "Rich Text Format" or "Text"
    5. Click Save