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                                                                                                                             --Intel® Education Visionaries trip Impressions

    Everyone on the "beauty" of understanding and perception gap will be more or less, according to Baidu's explanation: The basic form of artistic beauty and beauty is real beauty. Real Beauty which include: natural beauty, social beauty, beauty education. The United States, not only to the surface of the United States, but also beauty of the soul, it's only real beauty. Usually directs people feel cheerful mood person or thing.

    October 4 this year, I had the honor as the national education ambassador visionary selection of Intel® Education Visionaries, and the world of education scholars from nearly 40 different countries, at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California experienced a five-day study , study, exchange and sharing feelings as much as big inspiration, the impression of the United States are not the words.

    Ordinarily I taught for many years, to participate in various meetings, training, and even participated in planning or as a lecturer in various capacities ... have the experience, however deep this time gave me the impression, in the form of new, long aftertaste is really let I can not forget, with graphic survived, and we hope to work together to share the "beauty" feel.

    Natural Beauty

    Wherever he went, the first impression is very important, that is the psychology say "first effect" it. Instant Out San Francisco airport, the biggest feeling is spacious and bright. Bright sunshine will softly wrap your body up, so the plane was removed in 12 hours I suddenly felt a lot of slack. Colored vehicle in California against the background of the blue sky and orderly gallops forward, passing in front of the unique personality of the lower house or factory, not luxury, but a lot of flavor. After this fusion of Skywalker Ranch to visit and tour the picturesque dream of a magnificent natural and cultural, as well as San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and seductive charming beach ... long heard the blazing California sunshine, a few days bathed in her arms, the mood is pleasant and beautiful nature. The purpose of our trip was educator gathering was to explore how to create a wonderful future of education, and that a good environment is not a very important basis for it, just like the day we discussed the issue in Skywalker Ranch "How to protect children curiosity ", relax in a good atmosphere, you want to create is infinite zoom and proliferation. I really feel that in this short five days, I dip in the gentle sunshine, natural beauty in the quiet, in a relaxed state of mind of the Imagination and thinking what to do I love my education ... So, I The first feeling is - beautiful environment is the basis for cultivating innovative consciousness.

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    US human mind

        Because there is no more time to browse scenery, and we contacted the most is the people. I feel that the most is - friendliness. They are taught from childhood in the "beginning of the good people." "With people" to the media now developed, bringing together various channels of information for me to form a diverse cognitive Americans, this is the ground, I will definitely have my impression. Not to say welcome ceremony or our internal organizational mutually friendly, and even in the elevator, on the streets around the warm voice: Hey, you want to help? Your shoes pretty good ... my poor English, listening and speaking and reading are crammed, but I can from the intersection of the eyes, the tone feel heartfelt greetings and not contrived action (ask for directions, help pictures ). Friendly, become a social habit.

    5 days, most of the time in each meeting room, museum visits, seminars, exchanges, the host should be the focal point, from the opening speech and presentation and interaction at Intel headquarters, there is no "official gas."

    Leslie Wilson, Intel's chief executive officer, president of one of the college, he discusses the skills and strategies needed transformational leadership with us. Today's explore effective school leaders have the skills to use and cultivate a global, flexible, fast-paced knowledge ecosystems;

    General Manager, John Intel general manager of Intel education before sharing education;

    Dr. Milton Chen, educational workshops designed to share ideas;

    Theresa Maves, explore the teacher community building;

        Dr. Eileen Lento, Intel education, global marketing and publicity director to explore how a comprehensive approach to educational change, promote student success,

    Dr. Wayne Grant, Intel Education Director of User Experience Introduction 1: 1 computing tech solutions and frameworks.

    These so-called "official" or "master" It's full of affinity, even cast screen went wrong, and everyone is happy for them to interact. There Intel museum guide, extremely rich, and even dancing interpretation of Intel's growth history, you can see his dedication and loyalty to the company and love of beauty, is in the natural course of the quietly flowing from and then in your heart to produce a sense of joy, the power of knowledge is the power of beauty.

    Regardless of their position or color bodies, they distributed atop a pure, natural and straightforward, sometimes naive like a child, it is so serious focus and intoxicated, so you have to but with her rhythm and begin reconstruction and divergent thinking your thinking, sometimes in somewhere, your thoughts will slowly publicity, in flying ... I've been thinking (because of my language, but off by teachers and partner Shen Translation or simply by body language to perception), children in the growth stage, the daily contact with the most is the teacher, and each of his life growing plays an important teacher will give them a feeling how? For a child to imitate innovation is born, the other hand our class is not too much to contain and "compulsory exercise", give the child free space seem a lot less, of course, we are also trying to adapt and change, and But I hope this is a natural process, from the heart rather than formal perfunctory.

    People are the most sophisticated senior animal, human cognition and development is extremely complex and full of change, however, education is the guide and help people keep moving in the direction of the so-called idealized development or trend in the growth process. I understand that learning is a lifelong and all the time, which is ubiquitous. No extreme pressure, learning utilitarian is free and open, we do education is not how we should reflect on fertility and education "has been."

    Education in the United States

    Many experiences and feelings are actually inadvertently, may now recall refining and rise to a certain height, but at the time, felt that the word "comfortable" and not homophones "bondage." Have been talking about education, because there is no deep into American classrooms, we just see four Intel Museum sharing session early high school students to share their learning experiences with us (because it is not photographed, image data left much). Four children were learning from the network, and other inventions described their upbringing. Children self-confidence and showmanship gave me a deep impression. Where it and black 13-year-old boy has always attracted me, he invented the blind printers, really awesome, his father was there, everyone with a variety of accents of English questions, he was a bit shy and shy, but a mentioned technical problems, he would face a serious and decent. America's middle and high school students care more about education and hands-on practice, that more attention to the application part of knowledge, to the foot of a large number of experiments and explore the exchange of time, and boost their points of interest, learning, the use of the sublimation premise. School is not isolated only to impart knowledge to provide infrastructure and laboratory equipment, but convey a thought and to maintain communication and coordination with parents, forming a virtuous circle school, family, community, children will naturally to the development of space Many angle extension, which is worthy of our reflection and reference.

    He said the social environment, which just a few days, just went to the museum five, almost a day experience here had to admire the American emphasis on education. Intel Museum Needless to say, that some professional, where we understand its grand history, driven by the passionate instructors, I was much infection. But then visit several museums, the basic fact is the kids ready.

    The Tech Museum of Innovation, because has been at night, it is estimated specifically for our opening. Dinner on where they are, we can say, we ate experience, plus relaxed and happy. The pavilion is not very large all, but the design and layout are full of "technical warm" (this is only my personal experience, technology has always been to give people the feeling of cold, where experience is warm for you bring pleasure to the cold "humanism" of enjoyment). Robots to help me find my name spelling, intelligent robot but also for my scene portrait, scene editing music and see their hometown ... as an adult are so excited and are interested in the big screen, let alone children.

    In HighWire This is a dynamic and innovative company, our meeting still done in cuisine and interaction. No extra greeting, like home to relatives, drink and chat, unrestrained, free-spirited feel of each company's new products and new technologies for teaching and education to promote the expanded test tools, software, etc., I observe that some very young faces, the face of childish and self-confidence, from reading, physics, biology to physiology, unfortunately, many do not open to China. Driven by the so-called session dressed in a job filled with Intel dancers dancing together all members together, cheering and release to make enough in the dynamic song. I even choose from a spiral slide rotary drum slides down, with joy and pleasure for me to leave this place fun and experience this time, I was on the "edutainment" I have a new perception.

    Meeting is relaxed and natural, communication is naturally equal, except the language a little puzzled, but thought the hands and feet but seemed to pass more interesting, there is no official level, and even broke through the difficult language. Speakers sunlight confidence and patience to present their own work, to my taste is a kind of love and sincerity, only this love will give you endless self-confidence and focus.

    In the return trip, get a surprise - to Skywalker Ranch, this room by George Lucas (American film director, producer and screenwriter) construction of the "Skywalker Ranch", in this beautiful and quiet museum We listened to Chinese educator Dr. Milton Chen about how the education system reinvent themselves, increasing innovation edge regions, states and countries, re-defined "school" on the topic. Share learning experience ... in the hall as in the fairy tale world of wandering around, become quiet heart is here and flying. Theme of our discussion was how to protect the child's curiosity, national education messenger brainstorming, a lot of different proposals on the formulation of a center point, is freedom. I think, the way we arrange and design, are inadvertently gives us a relaxed atmosphere, where freedom of expression and communication, surprise, rhythm and convey both full of warmth, which is not against the protection and motivate our Curiosity, care and visible organizers intentions. Education and educating people, and this in a dip-style feel and experience is I did not think so, it slowly affect my way of thinking and teaching methods, immersive music will therebetween.

    The Exploratorium This can be hands-on science experiments to explore the museum a bit like we Liaoning Province Science and Technology Museum, the total area should not have our big, but inside the facilities and technology content does make us refreshing. We learn in a handsome young man explain expand. Hands are the most interesting, and we see a lot of parents take their kids in here hands-on experience, staff members active station, to provide services for visitors. We have asked this experience will damage the facilities, but the answer is that it is used to experience, the bad can repair. I did see a lot of equipment become obsolete because of wear and tear, but can still run, but also shows the high frequency of use, showing the intensity of the penetration of science and technology in these first-hand experience, the child's sense of exploration perhaps in a Points of Interest issued to rise, implying that future scientists will be. Beauty blooming quietly education experience.

    Share US

    When I wrote my name on the world map by label, I suddenly realized that a responsibility - as Intel® Education Visionaries, visionary educator, the name of the head at the same time I am somewhat insoluble ashamed to accept. Asia-Pacific grouping as we explained at the meeting, Shen teacher "Visionaries" We share in the exploration.

    The beginning of my speech I would like to understand the experience of sharing in the country as "one Church", with pressure from pretty, but also do a lot of homework. And to share, I found and I did not imagine that kind of serious and formal, but "walk" type of dialogue organized free, that is, each individual will for your interest and needs to choose the content you want to choose explain the object, and ask your questions, such interaction is more direct and effective, but also facilitate your depth perception also expanded coverage. That exchange theme is "moving classroom," so happened that day and form coincide, which makes me so excited - great minds think alike thing. I also get a lot of exchange inquiries and support. Likewise, I also learned to walk countries progress in the field of education and circumstances. The exchange is part of my inspiration, relaxation AC state, more conducive to in-depth study.

    All kinds of learning, technical, sensory, experience, passion, surprise, communication, interaction, sharing, and large amount of information in a few days after returning home I began to slowly extend and diverge, and even feel more and more charm, may The only regret is that time is short. I know how I feel only that I get from personal experience and perspective, but I prefer to call it retirement and share with my friends, I hope I can bring you to share some inspiration, with "beautiful" as the theme is my most authentic feel, thanks listen.


    Chinese Wu Wenge

    October 25, 2015

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