Intel Teach Live-December 2015-Spectacular Birthday Bash 2015

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    Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday Dear Intel Engage and Intel Teach Liveee Happy Birthday to you.


    At birthday parties we sing happy birthday songs, open gifts and have a great time.


    Welcome to our Birthday Webinar and Mission Party. You will have the opportunity to be creative and innovative. You can create your own birthday song dedicated to the birthday honorees as well as create your own unique birthday greeting card. 


    To get you inspired, we are taking you back down memory lane of Spectacular Birthdays of the  Past!


    Participate in our Birthday Bash 2015 Mission Followup Blog and earn a badge and a be eligible to win an Intel


    The Mission Title: Intel Teach Live Spectacular Birthday Bash 2015

    You must complete all the actions related to this Month’s Webinar Follow-up Blog to receive the Webinar Badge and be eligible for the Intel inside device drawing.


    Your Birthday Bash mission if you so choose to partake in this adventure is to revisit birthdays of the past and create birthdays greetings of the future.


    • As a prerequisite, before completing the below, you must first participate in our Hour of Code Roll Call Thread (**NOTE: The mission/badge for the Birthday Bash will not appear in your reputation until you complete the Hour of Roll Call mission as indicated**)
    • Register to attend the Birthday Bash
    • Revisit Birthday Previous Birthday Bash Activities to inspire your creative side
    • Post a birthday card, song or greeting wishing our birthday honorees a Happy Birthday
      • Include what instructional resource you used and how you use this resource with students or other educators
        • Include the name of your resource
        • Links to the Resource
        • How you use it and why it is a great tool.
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