21st Century Skills

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    Skills twenty-first century (21)

    • Responsibility and the ability to adapt:
    And intended to exercise personal responsibility and flexibility at the level of personal contexts and workplace and society, and setting goals and high standards for us and others and achieve them, and accept ambiguity

    • Communication Skills:
    And are intended to understand, manage and create oral and written communication and multimedia features efficiency in the form of multiple forms and in multiple contexts

    • Creativity and intellectual aspiration:
    Intellectual and is intended to develop and apply new ideas and be connected to others; openness to new perspectives and diverse and respond to

    • Critical thinking and systems thinking:
    It is intended to exercise proper reasoning in understanding the complex choices and take and understanding of inter-linkages between systems

    • Skills, knowledge and information media:
    It means the analysis of information, access and manage, integrate and evaluate its inception and in the different images of forms and media

    • Interpersonal skills and cooperation with others:
    It is intended to highlight the spirit of teamwork and leadership, and to adapt to different roles and responsibilities, and work productively with others, and to show empathy, and respect for different viewpoints

    • Identify problems and formulated and solved:
    It means the ability to identify and analyze problems and solve them

    • Self-routing:
    It is intended to monitor the needs of personal understanding and learning, and to identify appropriate sources, and the transition from learning area to another

    • Social Responsibility:
      It means taking responsibility, taking into account the interests of society in general; show and ethical behavior in all contexts, personal and workplace and the community