Intel Teach Live- January 2016-Geek is so Chic with Wearable Technology

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    Join us for the Webinar on Tuesday January 26th @ 6:00 pm CDT. (Please note NEW Time) Use a World Clock Time Zone Converter - like -


    Special Note: Everyone who attends the webinar and completes the webinar survey will receive a January Webinar Badge.


    Whether you are visiting Milan, London, Paris or New York for your annual taste of the fashion world, don’t forget to stop by our Engage Virtual Fashion Show:Geek is so Chic With Wearable Technology. We will  showcase the the latest and greatest wearable technology that can enhance your personal and professional learning. Wearable tech is the hottest thing in technology today bringing together programming with “the Internet of Things” to allow you and your students to be designers and makers related to STEAM, health, fashion and much more. Share with us how you can make a wearable edtech fashion statement with innovative wearable technology to inspire and personalize learning.


    Participate between January 25 and February 14th in our Virtual Fashion Show for a chance to a prize. Share with us What you will be wearing in 2016 or what you WISH you would be wearing in 2016


    You must complete all the actions related to this Month’s Webinar Follow-up thread in order to be eligible for the drawing.(Please see the detailed list of restricts for prizes) 


    • Reply to this thread and include all of the below items in your first post
      • Describe your Wearable Technology as if you were in a fashion show!
        • Include the Name of your Wearable Technology
        • Picture of your wearable technology
        • Where it can be purchased
        • How you use it or why it is a great wearable technology
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