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    Coding in the Classroom is Innovative Technology


    This month the Intel Engage community them is Innovative Technology. The conversations and activities in the community are tied into what is new in technology The community is asking educators to consider, comment and discuss the following questions:


    • What
      are you most excited about? What is stoking your educational passion right now?
    • What
      do you resolve to do to innovate in 2016?
    • How
      do you determine whether a new technology is working in your classroom or not?
      If it's not, what do you do?


    Upcoming webinars


    Check out the Webinar and Events section of Engage to register for upcoming webinars or access
    archives. The last week of the month we have two upcoming webinars – Geek is So
    Chic with Wearable Technology: What Will you Be Wearing in 2016 and
    Gamification: Getting it Right. 


    Classrooms Utilizing Technology



    Both the K-12 Blueprint and Intel Engage profile students, classrooms and schools utilizing technology in Education.  Recently on the K-12 blueprint
    they shared what seventh grade Tristen thinks about Social Media.  In Engage – they shared insights on coding and Alana Aaron’s 5th Grade classroom