April Engage and Win! Sustainability Mosaic

Version 4

    STEP 1. Gather Youth Examples

    1. Ask youth, What does Earth Day mean to you and what can you do, now and in the future, to foster sustainability?
    2. Have them create an original visual representation (drawing, graphic, photo, video, etc) of their response to the question. Encourage the youth who you work with, to think into the future and consider innovative ideas for sustainability. After all, someone came up with these ideas:
      • bamboo chopsticks, floors, and kitchen utensils
      • compostable tableware
      • biodegradable soap
      • paper bags
      • biodegradable plastic bags
      • electric cars
      • algae-based personal care products
      • low-flush toilets
      • bike share programs

        3. Select one to three of the visual representations to share with the Engage Community.

    STEP 2: Let's Create a Sustainability Mosaic!

    1. We'd like your youth's work to be part of the Engage Sustainability Mosaic. Take a look at the Sustainability at Intel Mosaic from 2013, to see an example. At the end of the month, we'll make an Engage Community Mosaic of the youth images for you to share. You can also make your own.
    2. Reply to this discussion post to share one to three images created by youth. If the image is a jpg, you can upload it to the post. If the image is a drawing on paper, you can scan it. If you can't do either, let us know. If possible, include any or all of the following: where the youth lives, age, and first name. Again the images should be original by youth. If they are photos, please be sure that you have permission to post the photo.


    Giveaway-icon150x150.pngDo the above and you'll be entered into our monthly theme drawing!


    Note: This drawing will become active when we receive 10 responses from 10 different members. Click here to see all the fine print.