Getting Started Mission

Version 1

    Are you new to Intel® Engage? Welcome!

    This Mission will help you get started navigating the community, finding information, connecting with other community members, and learning how to create new resources.  While you learn, you have the opportunity to earn points. Completing all steps of the mission will earn you 500 points.


    Are You Ready? Begin Your Mission Here:


    Step 1

    Begin your mission by bookmarking this page. Using the bookmarking feature in Engage will allow you to easily return to the resources you find most important.

    1. Locate the menu on the right side of this page. You can find this same menu any time that you are viewing content in Engage.
    2. Select the Bookmark button.
    3. At any time, go to your Profile and select the More pull-down menu to access your Bookmarks and easily return to this Mission page.

    Step 2

    Getting started with Engage involves learning how to find your way around and navigate to content that might be of interest to you. Explore the drop-down menus that appear at the top of this page to browse for Content, People, and Places within the community. You will see these same menus on every page in the community.

    Now, go to the Intel Engage Home page and locate the three tabs in the middle of the page:



    Step 3

    1. Select the Featured tab. This tab contains content that is related to the current Engage community theme.
    2. Read a content post that interests you.
    3. Think of a question or meaningful comment to share that deepens and extends the conversation. Reply to the post and share your thoughts.


    Step 4

    1. Select the Recent Content tab. This tab contains the most recent member contributions, and it's a place you can visit to learn what's currently happening in the community.
    2. Select the View More button to enter the Engage Hub. Here is where you’ll find everything that’s currently happening on Engage!
    3. Select the Filter by tag button and type in a keyword to filter the content that you are most interested in.
    4. Read one piece of content from your search results.
    5. Let the author know what you think by rating the content. Rate the post by selecting the stars that appear below the content.

    Step 5

    1. Select the Blogs tab. This tab contains member blog posts on a variety of topics.
    2. Choose a blog that interests you. Remember, you can select the View More button to view additional member blogs.
    3. From within the blog, select the author and select the Follow button to follow this member and receive notice when the member posts a new blog. You may also choose to follow a member that has posted an interesting reply to the discussion. This is a good way to get to know some of the Engage leaders who contribute frequently and help shape the community!


    Step 6

    Now that you are beginning to know your way around the community, let's begin a conversation. What’s currently inspiring you? What are you excited to share with other Engage members?

    1. Select the pencil icon next to your avatar in the upper right-hand corner.
    2. From the Create menu, select Status Update.
    3. Tell others what you’re doing right now, or what topic you’re currently interested in, by typing a brief update in the Status Update box. You can include an @mention, image, or link in your post. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the community!

    Step 7

    Share what you've learned from this Mission. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and respond to the following questions using the Add a Comment feature: Which Engage community feature from this Mission are you most excited to begin using? How does that align to your professional goals?


    Take the Next Step

    Congratulations on completing the Getting Started Mission! Now that you know your way around, you can begin to explore the many ways you can connect with other members and engage in professional learning and discussion on Engage. One great way to do this is to complete additional Missions, which earn you points and badges for your profile page.

    The following are a few Missions that are recommended for new members:

    New FaceEngagerSkill Up


    Put a face to your name and create an avatar.


    + 15 Points


    Start mixing it up with your fellow members. Reply to five discussions around the community.

    + 25 Points


    Show your skills on your profile. Add five skills to your Skills and Expertise.

    + 25 Points