Straight from the Source - March 2016

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    The Source

    Volume 1, Issue 3

    Making  Learning Personal with Mobile Technologies

    Connecting Teachers and Learners (CTL)

    It is time to get on board and connect with mobile learning. Students are always on their phones.  So what can teachers do to turn student telephone use into productive classroom use?  Teachers can use the right app/resource to make it personal.  How can we get schools and teachers on board? Model the effective use and share strategies for connecting the resources to the curriculum.  Demonstrate how using mobile technologies to personalize learning will allow students to grow academically at their own pace within the guidelines set by the teacher.  Tools such as kahoot, quizlet, quizup, quizzes, etc. can help students to review lessons and vocabulary while allowing teachers to assess student understanding of concepts.

    Spotlight March:  Kindergarten

    Hot Tech TipSpotlight April:  Quizup

    What is Heads up? It is an interactive vocabulary review application. One student will place the mobile device on their forehead and a term will appear on the screen. Students around the screen will describe the term and once the right answer is given the player will tilt the screen down and a new term will appear. If the student cant guess the term they will skip the term by tilting the screen back. After 60 second  all correct answers and incorrect answers will appear which will assist in understanding what you need to reteach or what the student needs to review. . Try the tool and tell us how you used the Hot tech tip in your classroom.


    Maybe you can be our next Spotlight. Please let us know how you use our tool of the month to enhance your classroom instruction.