Missions and Badging

Version 4

    Missions are created to encourage participation and sharing with the Intel Engage community.

    Each Mission has its own set of requirements which may include:


    • Participating in discussions
    • Commenting on resources
    • Responding to polls
    • Tagging other Engage members
    • Social sharing

    The amount of engagement determines the points you can earn for completing the Mission. The more engagement, the higher number of points! Each Mission tracks your engagement and, upon completion, you will earn a badge and points within the community.


    Your Missions


    To view Missions available to you, go to View Your Profile > Missions > and change the filter to "show unearned missions first." As you complete Missions and move up levels, you will see additional Missions become available to you.

    Additional Resources

    Watch the following video to learn more about Getting Started with Gaming and Badging. You can also view and download the helpful reference guide attached below.