May Engage and Win! Let's Tell a Story Together!

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    Tell a story and enter into the monthly drawing.


    Who doesn’t love a good story?


    Storytelling has been around for a very long time...From oral storytelling to pictographs to the printing press to visual stories,  to digital storytelling and to virtual reality storytelling. Storytelling helps us to share our histories and pass down cultural beliefs, and histories. Stories connect us.


    A well-told story motivates us, moves us, and entertains us, but telling or writing a good story can be challenging and intimidating, especially for our students. Many of us likely use a variety of storytelling strategies in our classes - collaborative storytelling adds another dimension to storytelling. Collaborative storytelling involves a group of people who write a story together. One person begins the story and others add threads to it as the story evolves. With the imaginations of a community, a story will go in surprising directions.


    See Digital Collaborative Storytelling Tools for some ideas for your classroom and to share yours!


    Note: This drawing will become active when we receive 10 responses from 10 different members. Click here to see all the fine print.



    Collaborative Storytelling Mission

    Let's Write a story together. By participating, not only are you entered into the monthly prize drawing, but you can also earn 200 points!


    To join the Mission:


    1. ADD TO THE STORY. Use the comment feature to add one or two sentences that builds a story on the previous sentences. Feel free to add sentences throughout the month. At the end of the month, we’ll see what kind of crazy story we have. Illustrations encouraged. Please only post story sentences here so it's easier to read.


    2. @MENTION SOMEONE to get that person to contribute to the story (Kind of like, "tag, you're it"). Add @mention to the end of your sentence(s). Please mention someone who hasn't been mentioned already.


    3. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so you can easily return to it and add to the story.


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