Straight From the Source May 2016

Version 4

    Technologytransient.png                                                                                                                                                                                              Volume 1 - Issue 5


    The Source

    Look who has an Update:  Kahoot

    It is time to get on board and connect with mobile learning. Students are always using their phones or tablets posting Instagram or videos of their day.  How can we use these skills to engage learners?  There are a vast selection of tools that can be used to personalize learning. How can we get schools and teachers on board? We must provided them with the right resources and demonstrate how to effectively use them. Through personalized learning with mobile technologies students can review lessons and vocabulary using tools such as: Heads up, kahoot, quizlet , quizup and quizzes.

    If you want to enhance collaboration and excitement during review try the new team kahoot. It supports collaboration, teamwork, leadership skills and good communication.  Great for schools without a 1:1 initiative.


    Hot Tech Tips

    Spotlight:  Student Point of View . . .

    What is Quizup? It is a free multiplayer online and  mobile trivia application. The game has been compared to Trivial Pursuit. You can challenge friends and meet new people from around the world through competitive games and a variety of trivia topics. You can create your own topics and quizzes for classroom review.  quizzingup.png

    Jorden Gillespie and Eric Jenkins


    Quizup From the Classroom to the Boardroom.  Click to read how quizup is making the transition.

    Maybe you can be our next Spotlight. Please let us know how you effectively use our tool of the month to enhance your classroom instruction.

    1. How can or are you using tools like kahoot and quizup to engage and motivate your students?
    2. What useful information did you learn from the students in the video that you can use to create a more engaging learning environment?