June Engage and Win! Visualize Data

Version 1


    Recently, I’ve taken an interest in edible school gardens. I “dug through” the web to see what I could find about the impact of school gardens on the students. I found some data from Minneapolis schools and put some of the data into an infographic. Gardens are a ripe place for data collection!


    1. Now, it’s your turn to create an infographic. The idea is to learn how to make an infographic, so you can present data about anything that interests you. It’s quick, fun, and easy! l tried Piktochart, but there are other apps, such as easel.ly and infogr.am for example. Please share the tool that you used.
    2. Take a look at someone else’s graph and reply to that person.


    Here's my gardening example:


    What's your example?


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