3 New Ideas for Connecting Globally

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    We've all seen classrooms connect for cultural exchanges or even to play Mystery Skype, but here are 5 new reasons why your classroom should connect globally.

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    The most wonderful thing about children's literature is how it can be used as a conversation starter amongst children.  Sharing a good book with a friend not only connects us together but provides an opportunity for children to discover new and wonderful books around the world.  If you have a digital copy of a book that can be read in a browser such as the Kindle Cloud Reader in Chrome, it's simple to do a screen share in Skype, Zoom.us, or Google Hangout.  Now you can share a book with another classroom easily.


    The Kindle Cloud Reader in Chrome allows the user to read books in a web browser.

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    And in the screenshare your class as well as a partner classroom can see the pictures and words easily.

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    One of my favorite reasons to connect classrooms is through performances.  Whether your students sing, dance, or dramatize a short story, these are wonderful opportunities for students to share with another class and extend their knowledge of cultures.

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    Many teachers love to connect their classrooms for holiday traditions so students have a chance to interview other children on what they do for fun or how they prepare for a holiday.  It's an easy connection to make and one that students will definitely remember.

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    Share some of your favorite reasons to connect your students below and we can build an even larger list together!