Creating Your Own Pedometer

Version 4


    Fitness tracking technology, wearables and smart watches are all the rage, but how do they work? This guide will show you how to create your own using the Intel Genuino, and then the possibilities are infinite!


    Step 1

    Launch the Arduino IDE

    Click on the Arduino Icon on your desktop. If you have not downloaded the Arduino Software package visit for all the instructions


    Step 2

    Open the example code from the Arduino Library

    There are many preloaded program examples within the Arduino IDE this is just one you can expand upon. Click on File >> Examples >> CurieImu >> StepCount


    Step 3

    Tips and Tricks

    Make sure:

    1. Arduino 101 is selected under Tools >> Board (The Genuino 101 is also known as the Arduino 101)
    2. Make sure you have connected your board to the computer via the USB lead
    3. Strap the Arduino to your ankle for best results


    Step 4

    Upload the sketch to your Arduino board

    The code we write in the Arduino IDE is called a sketch, we now need to upload this sketch to the board by clicking on the upload button. You will need to wait for the green line to fill completely to know your sketch has been uploaded


    Step 5

    Watch your steps increase

    Now open the serial monitor Tools >> Serial Monitor to see the number of steps taken, there will be a slight delay


    Going Further

    Now that you have mastered the basics see if  you can go  further:

    1. Add a  battery pack to  make it mobile
    2. Add an LCD screen to display the steps in real time
    3. Connect the Pedometer using Bluetooth to your phone  Use a search engine or start on Intel Australia's resource site  for
    4. Some hints and tips Intel Innovation Toolbox


    This guide was created using the information:

    Arduino - Genuino101CurieIMUStepCounter


    This guide will show you how to create your own pedometer using the Intel Genuino