Resources for Using Data in the Classroom

Version 2

    Data is an important tool for many decisions made in life.  It is important to include students in activities that gather information, process results, and communicate data results to others.


    Here are some resources to help teachers and students create data projects in the classroom:  (feel free to add to this list to make it better)


    • Poll Everywhere-Allows teachers and students to create and use polls in class to be taken with computers, phones, etc.


    • Google Forms-So easy to create a survey or quiz using this, immediate results are depicted in chart form.


    • Create a Graph-A graph generation tool for students to enter data and create graphs to communicate results.


    • Sway-A  graphic based way for students to share results and information they have learned.


    • Plotly-This web-based analytical tool can be used by students to create graphs and analyze data.

    Plotly for the Classroom


    What other resources can help students and teachers with using data in the classroom?


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