August Engage and Win: Collaborative Spaces

Version 1

    What would you do, if you were given $1,000 to spend and do a space renovation in a weekend?



    Watch the following video series to see the transformation of a science classroom.


    Remake Your Class Part 1: Planning for a Collaborative Learning Environment (5:58)

    Remake Your Class Part 2: Building a Collaborative Learning Environment (3:53)

    Remake Your Class Part 3: Exploring a Collaborative Learning Environment (4:16)


    Add a comment about your observations. For example, What were the teacher’s goals? What were some of the constraints of the space? What did the space have? What were some of the techniques used by the designers? What was their process? What do you think was effective? What would you have done differently?


    Note: This drawing will become active when we receive 10 responses from 10 different members. Click here to see all the fine print.


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