September Community Roadmap: Design Thinking

Version 2

    When you think of “design thinking”, what comes to mind? How do you feel? Would you consider yourself a “designer”? Have you ever used design thinking in your personal or professional life? Although many of us may feel that “design” is something that just “designers” do, and would never assign that label to our problem-solving or creative processes, it may actually be something you already do, but without the label and perhaps skipping some steps. “Design Thinking” has been making its way from creative agencies to classrooms and after-school programs. Google it and you’ll find a plethora of information.


    To get you started this month, we’ll begin with the basics. In the Design Thinking Mission, you’ll learn the about the process, try it out, and ideate on how you might use it. This month, please post your ideas about and experiences with design thinking to generate discussion and learn from each other in the Engage community.


    This month, let’s explore the question: What is design thinking?  


    img-badge-DesignThinking.pngDesign Thinking Mission (500 Points!)

    1. Reply to this post with a question that you have about design thinking. And, If you can, answer someone else's question. 
    2. Get the basics from Design Thinking Bootcamp and Bookmark the page for reference.
    3. Participate in a mini design challenge: Design a Wallet and reply to the post to share your process and prototype.
    4. Invite someone to participate in the mini-design challenge by sharing the Design a Wallet post with another Engage member.
    5. Share Your Design Challenge Ideas and enter a raffle.