ILES @ Mesa Goodwill for Fresh Start Women's Foundation (Sept. 2016; Engage Project 442915)

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    Session 1 - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

    • Instructors:  Zina Alam/ Maria Murillo-D'Amours
    • Students:  Bobby, Dave, Judith, Agueda, Teresa, Daniel (left early)
    • Modules covered:  Module 1: Introducing Computers and Operating Systems
    • Passdown:  Small conference room, only 5 PCs available, no projector. The monitors in 2 of the PCs did not turn on, recommend to check all PCs before class start. We ended up moving all the students to the
      larger area (work with staff to select an area where you can have all of them together). Most of the students are interested in learning computer skills for work and/ or business use.  Judith and Agueda have experience with computers, and are familiar with basic Microsoft tools (excel, word), just need refresh and more practice, Dave has no experience, so needs a little more follow up to ensure doesn't follow behind the rest of the team.


    Session 2 - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

    • Instructors:  Shweta Maheshwari, Deirdre Hale
    • Returning Students:  Bobby, Dave, Judith, Agueda, Teresa, Daniel
    • New Students:  Joyce, Marian, Melissa (Melissa came at the 2nd hour of the session.  She was given course materials and asked to review the first 2 modules)
    • Modules covered:  Module 2:  Internet and email
    • Passdown:  Internet session went pretty well.  Had trouble getting to the Intel help guide.  So, suggest having the full URL to access [] although we were able to find it.  All students already had an email account but Agueda, Judith, and Terresa had password access issues.  Again, we didn't use the small lab, but utilized the job seeker computers.  Although, there is no projector to use, I found just having each of the students work while giving instruction was easier.


    Session 3 - Thursday, September 15, 2016

    • Instructors:  Zina Alam, Pat Safko
    • Students:  Teresa, Daniel, Bobby, Judith, Miriam, Dave, Melissa
    • Modules covered:  Module 3: Word Processing
    • Passdown:
      • Students expressed a lot of confusion over the previous lesson (module 2). They felt like the instructors were scattered and there is too much background noise to focus.
      • Use the PCs in the main room.
      • Teresa's Internet, email and word processing skills are excellent. She said she is mainly in the class for spreadsheets.
      • Dave and Bobby were much more confident today.
      • Pat focused on teaching Melissa and Miriam very closely. It worked well and they expressed gratitude and that they learned a lot. Melissa and Miriam were not very confident in their skills.
      • Students responded well to being told to just explore — I think they learned more that way compared to showing them individual features. We did not focus on naming toolbars or features. We focused more on the process of finding what you might need. Students also responded well to being told to teach each other features they just discovered.


    Session 4 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

    • Instructors:  Zina & Maria
    • Students:  Joyce, Marian, Bobby, Teresa
    • Modules covered:  Module 4
    • Passdown:  Teresa learned some advanced skills. Everyone else completed module for at their own pace.


    Session 5 - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

    • Instructors:  Michelle Nieman, Deirdre Hale
    • Students:  Joyce, Mariam, Bobby, Daniel
    • Modules covered:  Multimedia
    • Passdown:  With just 4 students, we used the computer lab, which was accommodating for the small group.  Unfortunately, the computers did not have Microsoft PowerPoint loaded.  Fortunately, Michelle was familiar with Google Slides and we were able to use it.  Many of the features aligned well with the ILES book.  We helped each of the students do the steps in the book and challenged them to do the "Introduce Yourself" exercise 3.  It seems that they are becoming more and more confident using the computer.


    Session 6 - Thursday, September 22, 2016

    • Instructors:  Zina Alam, Shweta Maheshwari
    • Students:  Bobby, Terresa, Daniel, Joyce, Marian
    • Modules covered:  Review upon student request and Internet Security
    • The session wrap up went well.  All of the students in attendance earned certificates.  As always, the students were so appreciative of the class.


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