October Roadmap: Digital Citizenship

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    It’s in our pockets, purses, and on our wrists; it’s on bedside, dinner, and coffee tables; it’s always “on”. What is it? That’s right! Our devices! Many of our students don’t know life before the iPhone, XBox, and YouTube. According to a 2015 report by Common Sense Media, teens in the U.S. spend on average 9 hours a day using media.


    Since this is the case, how do we help to ensure the safety of our kids, our students, and even ourselves in this vast, open, high speed, global, and anonymous world? How can we become responsible and ethical citizens of the digital world? This month, Engage focuses on digital citizenship. See what’s happening and get involved:


    Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.26.32 AM.png

    In the United States, it’s election season, which means one big media party! Check out:  

    PBS Election Coverage

    NY Times Election Teaching Resources

    Edutopia Election 2016


    In the education world, it’s Connected Educator Month, with webinars, discussions, and Twitter chats throughout the month. The 2016 theme is: Computer Science for All: How to Ensure Equity and Access so that All Means All.


    For all of us, it's Digital Citizenship Week (Oct. 18-24). Explore a plethora of resources on the web, from Common Sense Education and on Engage


    What are you doing this month?


    img-badge-DigitalCitizenship.pngDigital Citizenship Mission (400 points)

    Complete the following steps to earn the Digital Citizenship Roadmap Mission Badge

    1. Attend an event, find a resource, or just express your ideas on a topic related to digital citizenship. Share your thoughts and experiences by replying to this post.
    2. Give your top 5 list of guidelines you think are most important for teaching youth about social media and online safety. Go to Safety Rules for the Digital Playground to share your top 5 list.
    3. Digital equity is still an issue. Discuss this important topic. Go to Digital Equity and respond to the post.
    4. Get your students involved in the elections! Bring them (students of all ages) to the polls and encourage others to do the same by sharing the post. Find out how at Teaching Kids to Rock the Vote!


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