December Roadmap: Teaching the Basics in Computer Science….Going Beyond the Hour

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    According to the CEO and co-founder of, Hadi Partovi, “Computers are changing every industry on the planet, and coding has become relevant to a wide range of high-paying jobs—even those outside the technology and engineering fields. For millions of students, the Hour of Code will be an inspiring introduction to this crucial 21st century skill.”


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    Computing is an integral part of our society, but most schools still do not teach this subject or address the diversity of the students to ensure meaningful classes.The release of the K-12 Computer Science Framework promotes a vision in which all students critically engage in computer science issues; approach problems in innovative ways; and create computational artifacts with a personal, practical, or community purpose. For more information about the framework, including a list of practices and concepts, visit



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    Going Beyond the Hour of Code:

    Given that your students have already gone beyond an Hour of Code, Computer Science Education Week (December 5-December 11) provides an excellent opportunity for them to explore activities outside their normal curriculum.The 2016 Hour of Code Activities venture beyond the basic understanding of computer science.  Since its inception 3 years ago, the Hour of Code has been a grassroots effort to bring the basics in computer science to all students and teachers. The goal has always aimed to broaden the movement – beyond one-hour, beyond coding, beyond branded tutorial-games, to help educators and students experience the full breadth of computer science. The activities which include over 200 tutorials and lessons allow students and teachers to choose activities to integrate computer science into every subject area, for different grade bands, for one hour or longer, across languages. These tutorials can be filtered by grade level, experience level, subject area, language and more. You can find the perfect activity at



    Addressing Diversity:

    The Hour of Code reached 50 million girls, in 2015,  a milestone in female participation for computer science. partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm on Hour of Code activities featuring Frozen and Star Wars™ strong female characters in which teachers used to provide an introduction to computer science for female students around the world. This year, the Hour of Code is introducing “Moana: Wayfinding with Code”! The “Moana: Wayfinding with Code” tutorial is available now in 23 languages, including Samoan Polynesian. Educators can also find Hour of Code toolkits in English and Spanish on the tutorial website.

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    Participate in a discussion and reflect on the following:

    • How have you addressed diversity when teaching computer science?
    • What are barriers you face when implementing computer science or the Hour of Code?
    • Share some facts about computer science that have amazed you.


    Explore some of the resources below:


    Beyond the Hour of Code...

    Here are some ideas teachers have recommended for great ways your classroom can celebrate the Hour of Code.

    • Host an Hour of Code with a new tool or activity.
    • Have your students introduce another classroom (or their parents) to Computer Science
    • Have your students pair program with another classroom as they do the Hour of Code together. Or, invite their parents for a special assembly and let the students show their parents what they are learning.
    • Do an “unplugged” activity with your classroom. Try dozens of unplugged activities you can do without a computer that allow you to help students transfer their learning to real life activities.


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