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    Its All About the App & Mobile Literacy


      Naomi Harm is broadcasting live from San Jose, CA this week and providing an overview of her 2 day collaborative learning experience from the Google Teacher Academy and sharing out great Chrome apps, extensions and productivity skills with all of you.


      Naomi has also introduced the new  monthly "Mobile Literacy Boot Camps" that will take place in MN and WI from January through May 2013.  These camps will be co-facilitated by students and teachers as dynamic duos and the content will be all around apps - Google Apps, Android Apps, iPad Apps etc.


      Its All About the App & Mobile Literacy | Spreaker Online Radio


      Chrome extensions shared during this broadcast:

      Turn Off the Lights

      Read and Write for Google Docs

      Pic Monkey

      Web Albums

      Easy Bib Citation

      Awesome New Web Page Tab

      Google Gravity

      Webpage Screenshot


      Chrome Shortcut Display to master shortcuts - Click at the same time within the Chrome browser "Shift + ?"


      Google Scripts: Autocrat, Flubaroo, FormMule, Doctopus


      Common Sense Media- LOVE THIS SITE!!!!  http://www.commonsense.org