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    Taming and Training the Technophobe: PowerPoint Made Powerful


      PowerPoint More Powerful, Less Pointy

      Last month was posted a way to go from a paper handout through several steps using Internet URL shorteners to websites that can host complete lessons. This month is taking a look at PowerPoint!


      If you do a search for ways to do PowerPoint, there are several different styles depending upon whether it is a stand-alone presentation at a kiosk or a live presentation with someone talking. It can also be a linear interactive presentation or non-linear interactive one. Before you start, you should decide what it is you want to do.


      This month’s Taming and Training the Technophobe will start with how to make PowerPoint more informational with links to more digital information and how to have the audience make decisions when watching the presentation. In future months we can expand on how to use PowerPoint in non-conventional PowerPoint ways, and how to use alternatives to this program to get variety in the presentation methods.


      Getting from here to there… Movement in PowerPoint

      All of the items mentioned can be found either on YouTube or with a search in a search engine.

      Have separate slides for text, images, video, and write out the complete web address for a website.


      Next step:

      Click on words or image and paste a hyperlink to a website for more information.

      Click on words or image to link the slide to a different slide with more information.

      Intel December PowerPoint.jpg



      Now to get fancier:

      Create a slide with two images or text boxes and have each one be a hyperlink to different slides. (Make a decision)

      Intel December PowerPoint Decision.jpg



      And now even more!

      Create a slide with two images or text boxes and have each one be a hyperlink to a different slide. (Take a tour of more information on the topic) Here is a wonderful website on how to create a museum of different rooms using PowerPoint



      Even fancier:

      Use a template with “Chapters” listed that are always visible on all of the slides, and have the rest of the slide show the information wanted. Each “chapter” title is a hyperlink to that specific slide. This website has wonderful free resources.

      (http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/heres-a-bucketful-of-free-office-themed-e-learning-templates-media-assets/) Take a look: I love the tabbed notebooks and leather portfolio. One student used the iPad screen PowerPoint template (http://community.articulate.com/downloads/g/powerpoint/default.aspx) and was an instant hit!


      Where could you go with this information? What would the “next step” be? Where would you branch out of these steps and do something else with you and the technophobe? Which ones have you used?

      Available on Youtube