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    The Importance of Leadership in a 1:1 Program Implementation


      Implementing a 1:1 program in your school or district requires thoughtful planning and, as any attempt for systemic change requires leadership, we find these essential skills not just in the district office, but also in each school building and classroom. This webinar focuses on the development and roles of leaders as a district or school creates a 1:1 program for their organization. What type of leadership qualities are needed at district and building levels? How can you build capacity within your network of teachers and students to sustain a 1:1? Where do you start? How do you sustain the momentum within your organization by collaborating with others outside? And the biggest challenge of course, is that because the world continues to evolve, how do YOU continue to evolve?


      Click here to view the archive recording of the webinar.

      Future sessions:

      Curriculum Considerations                           April 18         

      Infrastructure, Architecture & Funding        May 16

      Successful Models of PD                               June 13

      Preparing w/Policies and Procedures          Sept 26

      Evaluating the Impact of a 1:1                       Oct 17