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    Personalized Learning

      What strategies have you used to personalize learning in your classroom? What challenges have you faced and what solutions have you found?

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          Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology


          1. Deliver Instruction through Multiple Forms of Media

          2. Gather and Use Immediate Feedback on Students' Understanding

          3. Give Students Options

          4. Automate Basic-skills Practice

          5. Practice Independent Work Skills

          6. Create a Weekly "Must Do" and "May Do" List

          7. Pretest Students' Knowledge Before Each Unit

          8. Be Flexible When Plans Go Awry

          9. Let Students Drive

          10. Share the Work of Creating Differentiated Lessons

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            Learning menus are a great way to differentiate and personalize learning. Here is a great blog post about learning menus.  Students have a lot of choice, but teachers also have some say in what the students do.

            Here is an example:

            Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 6.01.59 AM.png

            Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 6.02.07 AM.png

            Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 6.02.18 AM.png

            Another great idea is a tic-tac-toe board to give students more voice and choice in how they show their learning.

            Here is an example:

            tic tac toe.jpg

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              we take a look at these essential dimensions to achieving success in personalized learning:


              • Deeper Learning
              • Deeper Support
              • Deeper Leadership
              • Deeper Experience

              Learning where student voice and choice are top priorities; where education is more responsive to students’ needs, interests and aspirations; where they’re given the skills and experiences vital to learning in the 21st Century.

              Using the ‘deeps’ you’ll find routes to achieving personalized learning for your students – let them help you design educational activities and take greater responsibility for their learning.