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    Intel Teach Live- April 2015- The Wonders of Google Classroom



      The webinar was held Tuesday April 28. View the archived webinar.


      Google Classroom was officially released to anyone with a Google Apps for Education account on August, 2014. Google Classroom purpose is to assist teachers in creating a paperless learning environment. Most recently Google announced the ability for teachers to collaborate. Now teachers can invite other teachers to collaborate on a class so other teachers can give students feedback, create assignments, make announcements and participate in student discussions.


      Have you used Google Classrooms? What are the Pros and Cons?  Do you have resources to share with others? How did you get started?


      Between April 27th and May 20th,  partake in our Google Classroom Webinar Mission to earn 100 points toward a Webinar Badge (more details coming soon)


      The Mission title is Intel Teach Live April 2015, and it’s worth 100 points.

      You must complete all items in order to receive the 100 points toward your Webinar Badge.


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