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    Using Cell Phones and Scan Codes in the Classroom


      View the Recording- http://engageteachers.connectpro.acrobat.com/p39417120/

      QR CodesYou've  probably started seeing these scan codes popping up around your neighborhood,  in stores, on packages, and in airports. If you haven't then you will be seeing  them soon. They're called QR Codes or "Quick Reference" codes and  they are taking the world by storm.


      On December 1st  Jeff Utecht hosted a webinar and explored with participants the possibilities of  using QR Codes in the classroom and with the larger school community.



      Attached is a PDF that includes resources shared in that webinar, a few Q&A items and the chat.


      There were some technological difficulties with this webinar but after editing  the audio or "conversation" from the webinar still provides a good overview of the presentation.