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    Differentiated Instruction with Technology


      On December 16, 2010  Vicki "Cool Cat Teacher" Davis presented a webinar on Differentiated Instruction with Technology.  She shared how one can structure a classroom for learning and provided an overview of the support structures required for successful differentiation with technology.


      To follow the conversation and review the back channel chat view the webinar recording or open the attachment which is a PDF of the presentation.


      View Archived Webinar: http://engageteachers.connectpro.acrobat.com/p29831603/


      Some of the resources that were shared in the chat were: (right-click on external links to choose to open in a new window or tab)


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          Hello Julia, just went through the recorded webinar....fantastic and very informative. I did sign up but could not get to a computer cos' things 'came up'.Thanks Vicky for sharing...learnt lots and will plan to learn 3 new things in January 2011.Will also try to take part in the next webinar planned for Jan 2011.I plan to do a project on reading with my 13-14 year old students next year and English is not their first language.  Any suggestions? Thanks....MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

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            Thanks Julia,

            I just attended the achieved version of this webinar and absolutely loved it. It is was one of the most informative and useful professional development presentations that I have ever attended.

            It is surely a must for everyone to see learn from.


            There are so many tips mentioned in this presentation that fit right in with the Intel Essentials course. I'm planning to go through the presentation one more time and take note of the things that I can add as part of my discussions with my course participants.


            I really want to thank you for listing all of the cool tools that were mentioned in the back channel chat as the presentation was going on. Can't wait to try them all out over the weekend.


            I also love the idea of having the month of January as our  "Differentiated Instruction" theme. It will be interesting to get thoughts and ideas that can directly impact our discussion on differentiated instruction in Module 6 of the Essentials course. This is also a great lead in to getting Essentials course participants to join the Intel Engage community.

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                Hey Denise

                It is so great to see you in Engage. I look forward to reading your posts and catching up with you online (I miss yall so much!) Can't wait to read about your educational technology adventures! Use some of the tools in the webinar and give us some feedback on the uses with teachers and students.

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                  I was fortunate to attend this webinar, and I was astounded by it!  When I heard the title of Differentiation, I imagined a very different webinar than the one provided!


                  I'm so glad you enjoyed the webinar in its archived format.  Please encourage your local friends and colleagues to join the community (they don't have to be Intel-trained) and view the webinar.  Perhaps you might even want to host a viewing with a group in your school!


                  And don't forget, there are many other archived webinars there, and a schedule of others coming up.  Once you are logged in to the community, go to http://engage.intel.com/community/teachersengage/webinars_and_events/ and see the list of archived webinars and information on upcoming topics and dates.  The instructions for joining are available through that website as well.