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    Getting Social with Students: Using Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and other social tools with kids

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      Let's face it, kids are social and they want to connect! They want to connect with each other, with their teachers, with their school at large. This webinar, led by Jeff Utecht will be a discussion on the use of social-networking tools with student bodies to engage them in learning, foster school spirit, and just have fun! We take a look at how some schools are using social-networks to communicate with students as well as the school community at large. Come with ideas to share, questions on how to get started, and be ready to take a look at social-networks through the eyes of kids today.


      Meet the Presenter

      Jeff UtechtJeff Utecht is an international educator, educational technology consultant, and author. Over the past 9 years, Jeff has been teaching at International Schools in the Middle East and Asia. From camels and cell phones in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, to the 21st Century city of Shanghai, Jeff’s travels have allowed him to experience technology and globalization through the lens of education. Currently working as the High School Technology and Learning Coordinator for the International School Bangkok, Jeff’s daily interactions with students and teachers keeps him grounded on what is happening in classrooms today and who the students are within those classrooms. Based on his own experiences of using the web to connect with educators around the world, Jeff recently published his first book Reach in which he talks about how educators can create online communities and networks to foster their own professional development. Jeff also has consulted with Web 2.0 companies, educational organizations, and helped to develop an online Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (coetail.asia) program with SUNY- Buffalo State. Jeff’s passion for education, learning, and travel give him a unique voice in the conversation of education. To learn more about Jeff visit his website at jeffutecht.com




      Attached is a copy of Jeff's webinar presentation.