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    My Curriculum Framing Questions need help!


      Glen's recent post featuring his drafts of essential questions for the year inspired us.  We would like to start a thread for community members to post curriculum framing questions for feedback.


      What questions are you working on?

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          I am so honored to think my post caused the opening of a new thread. I think Essential Questions are very important for engaging students. I was surprised at how many people I communicate with on Twitter engaged in a discussion with me about Curriculum Framing Questions.


          One individual responded to others about the challenge of writing good Essential Questions. She said, "Essential Questions are hard to write - ask @gardenglen, he's a master at it." I was flattered at the "Master" comment. I do not think she knows of my Intel Teach training. I helped guide several other teachers in creating their Essential Question. I did NOT expect to work on Curriculum Framing Questions when I began using Twitter. I think this shows how a web 2.0 tool can be used for professional development.


          Last night I shared my Essential Questions with parents and students during our Back to School night. I enjoyed the  faces on students as they learned about it. Most commented, "I don't know the answer to that question." Several students said, "This is going to make class fun!" Parent indicated how the question could relate to their home, job, or another topic. One highlight was when our District's Assessment Director visited my classroom. We discussed my "Course Essential Question". I enjoyed our discussion about Essential Questions.


          I look forward to hearing about other Curriculum Framing Questions.