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    mobile technology etiquette - what does this look like in your classroom?


      Intel just released the results of a survey they commissioned on mobile technology etiquette- http://newsroom.intel.com/docs/DOC-1883


      For instance, 62% of teachers have observed students texting in class, and 19% of teachers have caught students cheating on a test using a mobile device. 49% of children see no problem with using mobile devices at the dinner table. Summaries of the findings, comparisons with the 2009 survey, video interviews with experts in the field, and short etiquette "commercials" are available in the Intel Newsroom. More resources specifically for teachers will be added soon.


      What poor mobile manners annoys you the most--inside or outside the classroom? What does mobile etiquette look like in your classroom?  Does it look differently outside of school?  Should it?