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    The Digital Buzz Radio Talk Show


      DB Mic4.JPGWelcome everyone to the new Intel Teachers Engage radio talk show “The Digital Buzz.” My name is Naomi Harm, your radio talk show host and I will be broadcasting live and offering prerecorded shows from our recording studio out of Brownsville, MN. A very special thank you to our show’s sponsor of Intel Teachers Engage, an online community for educators dedicated to transforming the k-12 classroom teaching and learning environment!  You can find Intel Teachers Engage online at http://engage.intel.com

      The purpose and intent of “The Digital Buzz” radio talk show is a 30 minute live broadcast to provide just in-time relevant and passionate conversations around “Women in Tech,” STEM in education, follow-up to our first of the month Monday morning #EngageChat Twitter Chats, and Intel Teach Live webinars. We will focus on how these technology advancements and topics are making an educational influence with students, educators and administrators globally.


      We hope you can join us the First Friday of every month at 9AM Central standard Time. Our radio broadcast channel is located at http://spreaker.com and then type in the keywords in the serach field of the “The Digital Buzz.” This is where you can find all the episodes of our live and archived broadcasts and "follow" the radio show.  Again that is http://spreaker.com   then type in the keywords of the “The Digital Buzz.”


      Here is the link to the radio talk show welcome and overview!


      We will also be providing web shoutouts of the Digital Buzz through:

      • Twitter hashtags of  #EngageChat and #IntelK12EDU
      • Facebook page of Teachers Engage: Intel Teach Program's Community
      • And can always find us  online at the Intel Engage Teacher Community at http://engage.intel.com 


      We hope you can join us starting this Friday, March 9th at 9AM central standard time and listen to the live broadcast http://spreaker.com/user/the_digital_buzz

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          I'm so excited for the show, Naomi! I am looking forward to it!

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            Naomi, I have you bookmarked and ready to go.  Looking forward to tomorrow morning.



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              Greetings Everyone,


              We added some special radio broadcasts shows from the WI EdTech Conference known as WEMTA this week.  These are in addition to our regular "first Friday of the month radio broadcast shows" at 9AM CST. These live recordings took place at the beautiful Kalahari Resort in WI Dells, WI.


              We captured this venue with many EdTech and Librarian leaders from WI, IA, MN and IL as the conference took place. There are eight archived recordings that you can listen to, to gain new ideas and insights for PD, apps, collaboration, and sharing of resources with district members.


              Enjoy!    http://www.spreaker.com/show/the_digital_buzz_3


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                We've added a new radio talk show from Intel Teachers Engage "The Digital Buzz" for the month of April.  This radio talk show is focused on primary student projects, digital storytelling and teaching strategies that are working well in the elementary classroom.  Tim Nielsen is our first grade grade that was interviewed from Holmen Prairieview Elementary.  Our live on location took place at the local Blue Cup Coffee House, which is a local hangout of many of our educators in the area. Some educators meet at this same location as part of their afterschool learning day to share technology best practices, share out of apps and converse as an edtech support group to improve their instructional approaches and delivery with their students.


                Please tap into the active link to listen to the archived radio bradcoast from first grade teacher Tim Nielsen!  You can also follow Tim on Twitter @Teach1Tech



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                  This month's interview was with Rick Herrmann, Intel’s US Sector Public Manager, who was presenting at this 2012 Tech & Learning Conference. Rick presented at this event on the latest technology innovations that Intel has to offer and the dynamic K12 Blueprint.


                  I stole some time away during the morning keynote to meet with him by 9AM near the Starbucks coffeshop within the hotel to broadcast the radio show. Lots of activity was taking place at this Tech & Learning Forum, and it was difficult to find a quiet corner and to ensure that we would have adequate Internet connectivity- but we made it work.  So during the broadcast you will be hearing many passerby’s, background hotel music and spurts of laughter and conversations from attendees.  I really like this “realism” to the radio broadcast as it is authentic and never scripted from a public venue.



                  Rick’s radio interview was extremely intriguing as we discussed emerging technology conversations topics before the actually live broadcast- to prepare our workflow of content. Rick was so at ease as he discussed several topics relating to k12 technology education. The trending topics we covered included BYOD, the importance of teacher professional development, equity and access to resources and tools for our students and educators, student social fluency skills to prepare them for a global competitive society, and the latest and greatest emerging technologies on the horizon. 

                  The indepth responses Rick provided to questions I posed for him showcased his global expertise and worldwide interactions and initiatives with individuals in k12schools, business sectors and higher-ed institutions.  I was especially intrigued with Rick’s foresight and guidance of shared strategies and solutions of how to prepare our students for our future. His message also focused on the importance of 21st century skills and fluency experiences students she be immersed in that infuse collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, self-directed learning, equity and access to resources and tools, and reflection on lessons learned. These key learning opportunities are essential to student success and engagement to leverage their own personal learning and the environments they learn within.


                  This was one of those interviews that inspired me to really reflect on the learning process of the content of the overall message.  It was thought provoking and provided reassurance that we as educational technology leaders can and will make a difference with our educators and students if we too- continue to follow our passions of edtech leadership, modeling of best practices of 21century skills and fluencies and allow for creativity to empower our own learning.  Thank you Rick for making a difference in my edtech world and allowing for me to interview you – where in return I can share your global message with our radio audience on The Digital Buzzmultiple PLN’s and on my personal blog, and our Intel Teachers Engage  Online Community.


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                    Here is July's "The Digital Buzz" radio talk show. An overview was provided from #ISTE12  of many learning takeaways on the topic of Intel Teach "Collaboration in the Digital Classroom" session focused on the importance of students being curators of new knowledge, an overview of Digital Badges

                    http://www.edweek.org/dd/articles/2012/06/13/03badges.h05.html and what they mean to educators and students, and next month's "Connected Educator"  month hosted by US Dept of Ed.  The Digital Buzz July Radio Talk Show | Spreaker Online Radio


                    For those of you who could not attend- here is the full recorded session of "Curators of Knowledge: Students New Role in the Collaborative Classroom" and the entire PPT in a PDF format for your review with embedded resources for you to share with others.

                      ISTE 2012 Attendees | Program | Search Results Details


                    Enjoy everyone and thanks for all you do! Here is my closing video I showcased to my attendees at ISTE to inspire and empower their summer learning.