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    How do you thank / recognize your MTs?


      We wrote a thank you letter and created a poster, to thank recently certified MTs and let them know how much we appreciate their efforts.

      What do you do?

      Is there anything you've thought about doing but haven't tried yet?

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          I like the poster. That is a nice idea. I haven't really done anything for the MT's I've trained. I'll have to think of something creative, especially during the holiday season. Maybe even an ecard or something. Thanks for getting me thinking.

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            I love this idea Alison. Thank you for sharing. I'll make sure that our trainers receive this prior to year end. Very nice idea indeed!

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              I send my MTs an email the week following the training and provide them with additional pictures that I have taken throughout the training. I remind them that I am there to help and provide my contact information again. Since my last training was done during the summer, I sent one more email in September and asked if they have any questions about their training. It's just that personal touch to let them know that they have support from me as well as from their LEA.

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                In Louisiana, we hold a Master Teacher celebration at our State conference (LACUE).  We invite all of the MTs and provide lunch, prizes, sharing, and SMARTBoard drawings. Last year was the first year we did this and it was a great success.  We are planning our event now for this year which will be held in December.  The MTs were very appreciative and loved getting together with all of the MTs from around the state.

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                  Alison, I love the poster!  I usually send a congratulatory email a week later with a message that I am there to help when they begin to facilitate their trainings. I have also in some cases, sent an email several months later to see if they have completed their trainings, in the process of, or to see if they have any questions or concerns.


                  I haven't done this but thought it would be helpful in keeping up with all my past trainings.  I have their names and contact info on excel spreadsheets and thought I'd merge them into one and title each group with the dates of the trainings.  I could then add dates of any additional correspondence after trainings.


                  Has anyone done something similar?