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    Building Community - Middle School Books

      In middle grades, students actively define and discover themselves. A major path to self-discovery for students is through friendships and communities. Tapping into productive and positive community influences in a way that speaks to middle school students' individuality is key to building self-esteem and future success.


      What book do you recommend for middle school students who are finding themselves and their roles in the community?

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          I can't believe that no one has posted here...hands down my choice is


          Esperanza Rising


          by Pam Munoz Ryan


          For the first 13 yars of her life, Esperanza led the carefree existence of a wealthy landowner's daughter — beautiful clothes, servants, extravagant parties. When bandits kill her father, Esperanza and her mother must leave their native Mexico. They find a new home among agricultural workers in Northern California. Esperanza struggles to accept her new life. The challenges she faces force her to tap reserves of strength that surprise everyone, especially herself.


          Anyone else have a suggestion?