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    Just for the Fun of It - QR Intel Engage Community Scavenger Hunt


      bunnyatwork_small.jpg Scavenger  Hunts have been a long tradition of fun and learning, and we’re giving  you the chance to have fun with us in our very own QR Intel Engage  Community Scavenger Hunt.  Below you’ll see 11 different task codes.   When used with a QR Code reader, you’ll be given challenges to complete.  Each challenges requires proof that you’ve completed the task, so it is best to take notes as you go through the tasks.


      Once ALL 11 tasks are complete, submit your answers in our Google Form.  Successfully completed scavenger hunts will be entered in a drawing for the newest super cool teaching gadget  - A Canson Papershow (This tool can definitely take interactive whiteboards to new levels).


      Submit your challenge answers between November 21 and January 30 2012 to be entered into a drawing for the Canson Papershow.  Have fun, and hopefully through this set of challenges, you’ll explore some new-to-you content and features in our community.


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      Note:  This drawing will only become active when a minimum of 10 participants  respond which means in some cases, the drawing will take place after the  above mentioned date. For a complete description and eligibility of  Engage community drawings, click on the Intel Bunny Person.


      Eligibility:  Intel® Teach Engage drawings are open only to individuals who (i) are  not residents of Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan,  or Syria (ii) and, (iii) are at least eighteen (18) years of age or the  age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of  entry, whichever is greater. Employees of Intel Corporation, Clarity  Innovations, and any of their parent and affiliate companies as well as  the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) and  household members of each such employee are not eligible. The drawings  are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and  regulations and is void where prohibited.



      Task #QR TASK - You will need a QR Reader to View
      1Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 5.27.27 PM.png
      2Task 2.jpg
      3Task 3.jpg
      4Task 4.jpg
      5Task 5.jpg
      6Task 6.jpg
      7Task 7.jpg
      8Task 8.jpg

      Task 9.png

      10Task 10.jpg

      Task 11.jpg

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