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    Unique summer learning/professional development opportunity for students ages 7-18 and educators

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      This is a posting about a unique summer learning/professional development opportunity for students ages 7-17 and educators. 

      Digital Media Academy (DMA) is a nationally-recognized education organization offering hands-on learning experiences in a broad range of digital media technologies. DMA offers summer camps for kids and teens and Pro-Series courses for adult-learners/educators. Founded in 2001 by a group from Stanford University, DMA is best known for its premier summer programs hosted at prestigious destination campuses such as Stanford University , Harvard University and the University of Texas.  In total DMA has 10 locations around the U.S. and Canada.

      Each summer DMA’s programs inspire thousands of students to not just be consumers of technology and media, but creators.  From hands on science and engineering to video game creation to, app development and programming courses, DMA offers over 40 topics for aspiring students.  You can see a complete list of topics at:

      All Summer Camp Courses Open to Kids ages 6-12

      All Summer Camp Courses Open to Teens ages 12-18
      Educators who attend DMA find the experience truly exceptional.  Digital Media Academy’s intense, week-long, total-immersion format is designed to expedite your learning, increase your knowledge, inspire your work, and motivate you. These courses provide abundant individual hands-on instruction and will improve both your technical and your artistic skills. Set at some of the worlds most prestigious campuses like Stanford and Harvard, a summer course at Digital media Academy is sure to inspire. You can see a complete list of topics at: 


      Financial Assistance
      Digital Media Academy’s mission is to make digital education available for everyone, including those requiring financial assistance to attend.  For more information:


      For further information or questions, please contact:

      Dave Livingston
      Director of Instruction
      Digital Media Academy
      Call (toll free) 1.866.656.3342 x 103