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    Online Portfolios for Collegebound Students

      I think it is so important for schools to help prepare students for their college applications.  I had to take it upon myself to help my daughter prepare and portray herself in the best possible way in this 21st Century competitive world.  I wanted her to have an edge, maybe something not alot of her peers would have to add to her applications.  I helped her create an online portfolio which connects to her blog and youtube channel.  It portrays who she is and what she is capable of.  It would be a positive thing if schools could provide such a course. I do not feel online portfolios should be limited to Art/Fashion/Photo Students.  Don't you agree? 


      Here is her portfolio.  I used my favorite Google Sites, of course

      *We will soon see if it made a difference (we are awaiting "early decision" letters).

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          I think it's terrific that you did this, Karen. Online portfolios (aka digital portfolios, electronic portfolios, eportfolios) is a real passion of mine, something I've worked on in a higher education context for many years. (I wrote a book about that work, Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment, which came out in 2010, and edited another, Electronic Portfolios 2.0, which was published in 2009.) My experience in that context suggests that it's hit or miss whether or not colleges will actually pay much attention to a portfolio. However, there is considerable evidence that students are better able to represent their capabilities, accomplishments, goals, and passions for having had the experience of composing a portfolio, whether or not the final product gets looked at. In higher ed, we see this particularly when students go out to look for jobs. Students who have done portfolios write better resumes, do better in interviews, make smarter choices about what kinds of jobs and employers to pursue, and so forth. I would imagine that same is true for college applications. Students are likely to write better essays and make smarter choices about where to apply and what to indicate as interests and strengths. I totally agree that it would be terrific if more high schools engaged students in composing eportfolios for the purpose of increasing college and career readiness.


          The best examples of schools helping students plan their educational progression and prepare for transitions come from Europe. In Nottingham and surrounding regions in the UK, students use a tool called Passportfolio to create eportfolios that help prepare them to apply for higher or further (like community college in a US context) education, with promising results. (I've written a bit about this work in the first book I mention above.) The More Self-Esteem with My e-Portfolio (MOSTEP) project, funded by the European Commission, works with 14 - 16 year old students in several European countries to help them discover their strengths and plan their futures.


          In the US, some states, such as Rhode Island, are beginning to allow eportfolios as a diploma assessment, and these could certainly prove an asset to collegebound students. I'd love to hear from others who are using eportfolios with their students to help them prepare for and get an edge in transitions to college and the workforce.

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            I hope you update us on your daughter's progress,

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              Nice idea Karen....the online portfolio will be of great help to students especially when they apply for a  job. Great Job. Love it! I will try to integrate this in my students activity for educational technology so that their output will be of great help in their search  for a job in the future.