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    Engineering Process And State Standards


      How can the engineering process such as the one found on the PBS Kids Design Squad site help educators meet our state standards?

      How can this process help prepare our students for the 21 Century?


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          Juan thank you so much for sharing this PBS engineering website. This site will more than meet the standards, it encompasses all standards for learning focusing on STEM, Common Core, ISTE Nets, and state-level content standards.  These types of opportunities to extend and challenge a student's thinking process is a must to have kids take ownership in their individuals and team learning process.  I really like the tie in with parent/home/community- this way it makes it real for kids, and knowing they can continue their learning beyond the classroom.


          So many kids in today's society state they are bored whether it is in school or at home, but if we as educators provide the students/parents the guidance with searching effectively for the right resources to drive their inner learning passions- that boredom factor or stereotype we are seeing will go away.


          Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous resource, and inspiring me today to share more resources as well to incomperate STEM in and out of the classroom!


          Naomi Harm