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    Technology-Centric Classroom

      Many of use are 21st century teachers without the tools. What are some ways that you use outside funding oppurtunties to get much needed resources for your classroom? I use grants and am in need of your votes to get these projects fully funded so check them out and VOTE thank you for your support.





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          Jessica- I wish you and your students luck. What type of technology do you currently have in your classroom and how are you making use of it?  Have you recently taken some training to help you determine the technology needed and desired for your classroom or has it been from reading reviews and resources from other educators? 

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              Julia thank you for your warm wishes. Technology has definetly changed the way I deliver instruction. I was able to receive the following technology through grants for my students: iPads (4), Webcam to skype with, 6 iPod Nanos to listen to audiobook and record videos, a student response system or clickers for instant data collection and student feedback, 2 Nook e-readers, and wireless headphones. Our school allows teachers to share SmartBoards and document cameras because there are not enough for the entire school.


              I am constantly reading about the latest technology as well as reviews posted on youtube, proteacher.com, and other teacher related sites. As far as training our school district provides SmartBoard training for technology. The student response clickers provider offered free professional development.  I would love to receive more professional development.

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                  It sounds like you have some great technology to use in your classroom. Please share back to the community how your students are using these tools and the differences you see in their learning because of the technology. I am very interested in more about this story.