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    VISION FOREVER - Donate your eyes

      Dear educators,

      In our school our students starts a project on eye donation.Project name : Vision forever Our aim is to create awareness on eye donation to the various people in the world. They had visited the nearest eye hospital and donated their eyes. I have donated my eyes.

      Dear educators,

      Please answer the following.What will you do ?

      After my life,

      * I will let my eyes  to bury or burn.

      * I will donate my eyes.

      *  I cant donate my eyes

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          Dear educators,

          Have you donated your eyes? If u do, How do you donate?


          Through proper organization?

          Through any persons?

          Through our own interest?

          • Vision Project
            Bonnie Feather

            I am interested to know more about your project.  It sounds as though your students completed a project and the end product is their support of eye donation at a local health facility.  Is this correct?


            What other information-gathering and active project work was part of the PBL?


            Thank you for your information!



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                Dear Bonnie mam,


                We start this project just now. we have arranged for an awarness seminar regarding Eye donation for the teachers and the students. We are gathering the information how many blind people are there in our district.?

                How many of them can get eye sight through surgery?

                Howmany eyes are needed to make our country as blinsless people country...?


                Thank you for participating in this discussion.


                "Vision Forever-Donate our eyes"


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                    Bonnie Feather

                    Ms Kohila,


                    I am indeed fascinated by your project.  Thank you for answering my questions.  In my experience, the projects which lead to change in a community are most worthwhile, and your project certainly seems to have the potential to make a large difference over time.  The process of making others in the community aware that they can help others will also have far-reaching consequences.


                    Is there any way we in the Engage community can assist you? 


                    In the United States, many people donate various organs, including their eyes.  In fact, in most, if not all states, there is a box to check on the application for a drivers license if one wishes to be an organ donor.  In the case of unexpected accidental death, the drivers license can then be used to inform medical personnel of the victim's wish to donate organs.


                    I wonder if your students might like to contact the medical personnel in your region to inquire how this project may help to raise even more awareness about how to increase the numbers of people wishing to donate the gift of sight.


                    And I am still curious.  I do hope you will keep us informed here of the information your students are able to gather regarding statistics of blindness in your region.  Do you know the most common cause of blindness there?


                    I am very respectful of the project you and your students are taking on.


                    My very great respects to you,


                    ~Bonnie Feather

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