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    Teaching Middle School Social Studies

      I'm looking for more ways to teach social studies in the middle school classroom to bring it alive and more engaging for the students. Any suggestions/ideas??

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          Wendy- have you checked out the unit plans on Designing Effective Projects?  I suggest checking out the unit plans by subject area to find resources that match your social studies curriculum.  Many times- even if I didn't find a project that worked- I got great ideas and was able to update a lesson or two because of what I found.


          In addition what have your tried in your classroom that worked?  Have you done a living museum? Or a museum in a box? 

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            Bonnie Feather

            Hello, Wendy,


            I wonder what sort of equipment and support you might have from your school?  Are you able to post information on a class website such as a wiki or LiveBinder page?


            Do your students have access to any technology?


            Are you looking for lesson plans?  The group here will surely provide you with many ideas in addition to Julia's link to the Effective Projects site once we know a bit more about what you seek.



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              I know others have basically said this, but it would be helpful to know what you have at your disposal, what have you already done, and what are you comfortable with.  I would be happy to assist with some ideas, and in turn "steal" some of yours.

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                  If you have access to laptops there are a plethora of Web 2.0 tools at your disposal. You can peruse "Cool Tools for Schools" which is

                  a database with countless web 2.0 tools that can be used for creating products, presentations, conducting research, gathering information,

                  literacy, etc. etc.


                  Beyond this, social media items such as Fake Facebook pages, blogs, discussion forums, Wall Wisher, Live Chat, etc. allow students

                  opportunities to engage with each other and their teachers inside or outside of school. These forums (Edmodo) etc. can be monitored by

                  you the teacher and only available to the people you choose to take part.


                  Offering students "Challenge Based Learning" units is also an exciting and engaging way to involve students in social studies content.

                  A Challenge Based Learning Unit can be interdisciplinary and it fits perfectly with the new Common Core and Essential Standards Units

                  our schools are now creating.


                  There are some fantastic sites for Challenge Based Learning through Apple or and you can access our site at Mooresville Middle School website. Just type in MGSD in Google and click on Schools and locate Mooresville Middle School.